Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to ....

me! Well, to Jennifer Burns Photography! I cannot believe a year has gone by since I have been in business (officially)! So to celebrate, I would like to pass the love on to my loyal clients!

If you have already had a session with me (thank you!) I would like to offer you a special thanks....
Send me two new clients (whom I have never had a session with) and I will do your next session at half the cost! Call it Christmas in July.... I do need to put a time stamp on this, so the new clients must be booked by the end of the year. Once the new clients have had their new sessions, I will put you on the books! Of course, you can choose whichever package works best for you! I look forward to meeting your friends and taking pictures of you and your family again.

Thanks to you all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scrapbooking: Once, no longer!

I can't tell you how much money I have spent on scrapbooking papers, embellishments, photos reproductions, etc etc. Since I now have a toddler, bringing all of that out to finish her scrapbook is simply not an option. I have been looking for a "digital" solution for the past year and I am pretty picky. I wanted single pages, not a bound book and I wanted page layout choices. Reason that I don't like the bound book option (ie shutterfly and kodak) was because I would have it all completed and forget some great series of photos! Now Shutterfly came out with some options that met most of my criteria, but they were still kind of I kept looking. Then I found an answer.

Not sure how I found this site, but I am thrilled that I did! How Fast They Grow met all of my scrapbooking desires and it was so easy! So all of you out there that loathe scrapbooking, you now have no excuses to make your little one the all-important memory book. Face it, your kids will love it and it will be important to them. I knocked out her book in about a week...all during the beloved naptime.

Now keep in mind that my photo sessions and How Fast They Grow will work perfectly together since I give you a CD of all of the images with the main package!

So get scrapbooking, your child will thank you and love you for it! Here are some examples of what I pulled together while my little ones were sleeping.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Capturing those precious moments.....

There isn't anything much better than a baby fresh from the bath. Yesterday, I had both kids clean and laying around in their diapers and I grabbed my camera. I had just enough light coming in to my cave like bedroom and used every ounce that I could get. Encouraging my clients to have their kids not "perfectly coiffed" for a photoshoot is my message. Know that we can start a session right after a bath or whenever they are happiest. Just letting the day take its course and letting go of any visions you might have, we will capture really beautiful pictures no matter what....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fall? Already?

I know, Summer really just began, however Fall will be here before you know it! I promise you, it will. Scheduling your photo shoot now for Fall, will be the best way to ensure you have a spot during this busy time of year. Due to bookings made in the last month I encourage those who wish to capture the beauty of their children in Autumn to book early.

As you know I always work with clients if you have a cranky baby or fussy toddler the day your shoot roles around. I took the above picture mid - October last year. The below picture I took mid November, so that really will be the best time to have those great Fall leaves for your children to play in. There are so many places to go that will inspire wonderment in your children. Fall foliage help to create the perfect holiday card photo!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have begun scheduling photo shoots at parks and playgrounds to truly capture children at their best...when playing. We have some great parks around here that have both water play areas and standard playground equipment. This allows us to capture some really fun photos. If you want to use your backyard, think about having the sprinkler set up...water adds so much to a child's expression. Above is a photo showing just that. Don't feel you have to have them in a swimming suit either! I have encouraged Ella to run in the sprinker in her regular has created some very fun expressions!