Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tis' the season....

to think about holiday cards! Want something a little funky this year? Something that will make the fridge of all your friends? This year I am offering some uniquely designed holiday cards!

These cards are for my customers only so that I can ensure quality images will be printed. View the above samples and know that more are to come! The cards will be flat (no fold over) 5x7, printed on high quality card stock by a professional lab. The minimum order is 25, and additional cards need to be ordered in amounts of 25 cards. Each card is $1.75, orders over 50 will receive a discount! I will need orders no later than November 20. Have a Happy Holiday!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The question I am always asked..."How do you find great stuff on Etsy?"

I am asked this question more and more and I want to give you what works for me. Etsy can be overwhelming because there are SO many talented designer/artists on the site.

So lets break it down, let me begin with one area, toddler clothes. I am constantly looking for baby/toddler clothes for photoshoots (and let's be honest, my own children!) When looking for a funky design of fabric, I add the designer name in the search engine, ie Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt or Michael Miller. If a seller on Etsy uses one of these fabrics, they typically work with the others. Once I am in their store, I might look at that sellers favorites, other buyers/sellers that like that shop etc etc. It is all about looking for the "work around".

The next place to look is on the home page on the far left. Click on "Time Machine 2" This will list what has recently sold, a great place to view what others are buying. I get great ideas on all types of listings from clothing to home goods.

Finally, if you want something, I would be shocked if someone didn't make it on Etsy. Honestly, try, look it most likely will be pleasantly surprised.

The artists on Etsy are fantastic to work with, way better than your favorite store. Can you imagine going into the Gap and seeing a pair of jeans that are almost perfect, but you really wish the leg was a little wider or the waist just a little higher? Those are the types of changes someone on Etsy would make for you. You just "convo" the seller (etsy speak) and ask them to make the changes.